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Meet Stefani, Founder of

Hello and welcome to, the go-to place for discovering different, funky, and, of course, snazzy accessories.

So here is my story... It all started in mid-2013, but really it all started a few years earlier, when I first moved to London and discovered the limitless world of design and creativity hiding in designers' markets, unassuming boutiques, student exhibitions and the like... Coming from a small island where everybody dressed pretty much in the same way, I had almost given up on the whole concept of fashion, but the more I saw of this vibrant, fresh world, the more I loved it. Walking in the cobbled streets of Greek islands or in Middle-Eastern souks whilst on holiday was also a big inspiration to me. Why couldn't we find all these wonderful gems online? I.e. that gorgeously crafted leather handbag in Marrakech or that wonderfully-intricate bracelet from India that had everybody asking me where I got it from.

So I decided to dedicate my time in doing just that; scouring the world looking for these gifted artisans, meeting them, talking to them, and bringing their amazing creativity and craftmaship to It really is quite simple, if I don't think "wow" when I see something, it simply doesn't appear on this website.

Each season brings with it the discovery of a different journey and exotic culture. We couldn't be prouder to be introducing the traditional embroidery and craft of tribes across the world to the western world.

Last but not least, this is definitely not just another impersonal e-commerce website. Each piece we bring is one-of-a-kind and handmade lovingly by our artisans especially for us, and for you. For any suggestions feel free to contact us at be-snazzy aims to be your personal online boutique where you can discover the undiscoverable. Be different, be snazzy.

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