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Lifestyles images of the Aziza by Trish & Ari

Take a look at our lastest images by TRISH + ARI 

Yarn Bombing

A global movement to decorate everyday objects with colourful knit and crochet works.

Salvaged leather - Aziza Belt Bag

We are a Fair-trade fashion company, however it goes without saying we are also conscious of the sustainable side of the production process. One element we have focused on recently is sourcing salvaged leather for our latest Aziza Belt Bags. 

Transforming Refugees into Entrepreneurs

Take a look at some of the fantastic oppurtunities Swat Valley Guild is providing for current displaced refugees across the globe. 

Fashion Revolution Week

Fashion Revolution Week is here again and we are SO excited to see how much everyone’s general awareness around the topic has increased in the last couple of years. 

Snazzy has always stood by the principles that our products are made in a Fair-trade environment. 

Block Printing technique

The earliest records of block printing date back to 220 Ad, and are still commonly used to this day as a traditional form of printing in India.  

Made in Morocco

Working with Moroccan artisans has always been part of our agenda since the very beginning for two main reasons. 

International Women's day 2018

Today (and everyday) we honour women from all walks of life; the skilled women that handcraft our empowering statement pieces

The Truth About Starting A Business - Reflections

A lot of people ask me - how did you decide to start your own business? A lot of people, those who know better, instead ask me "why (on earth!) did you decide to start your own business?"
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