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About Snazzy

Hello and welcome to Snazzy, the London-based accessories brand that celebrates cultural diversity, tradition and artisan craftsmanship. Born out of the boho-style curated shop first launched by Stefani Thrasyvoulou back in 2013, the brand snazzy is now the statement accessory brand for the free-spirited seekers of things hand-stitched with love.

Meet Stefani, Founder of Snazzy
Boho Innovator

Born and raised on the island of Cyprus, Stefani is a Mediterranean at heart but wanderlust-er in spirit. With her family based in the Middle East for many years, it wasn't long before she discovered she had a profound interest for Eastern cultures. Being rased in such a small place, Stefani felt constrained by everything growing up, including the so-called "fashion norms" and "trends". She moved to London in 2006 and found her true home; a nomad's place where anyone can be anyone.

In 2015 Stefani was introduced to a tiny workshop in India where women artisans handstitched beautiful embroidered bags using vintage embroidery from the Banjara tribe. This lead to the birth of Snazzy and the subsequent brand which now employs 4 different workshops for its range of bags, jackets, and statement accessories.

Snazzy believes in only making stand-out products for stand-out individuals

Meet Natasha, Head of communications & Product development
The Design Visionary

In late 2015, Stefani was joined by childhood friend and fashion guru Natasha Kotran. Having also grown up in Cyprus, and of British-Lebanese origin Natasha was heavily influenced by the aesthetics of international cultures from an early age. She started her very first design lesson at the age of 10, and continued to pursue creative courses in high school, choosing Visual Arts as one of her I.B diplomas. Going on to study a BA (Hons) degree in Fashion Studies in the U.K., Natasha specialised in a woman’s wear collection, heavily focused on fabric design and trend forecasting. Natasha then went on to pursue a career in fashion business, working in the production, logistics and sales departments of independent luxury brands before joining Snazzy bringing with her all her expertise and extraordinary attention to detail.

Currently, snazzy employs skilled artisans from four small workshops across India and Morocco, working closely with them and guiding them in each step of the design process thus enabling them to go above and beyond their traditional skills. Merging western silhouettes and standards of quality with eastern handicraft embroideries and techniques, snazzy has found an audience across the world. Each piece we bring is one-of-a-kind and handmade lovingly by our artisans especially for us, and for you.