Whether you are living up the night to the fullest with an evening occasion, or simply having a casual day out, a jacket is the go-to piece every fashionista will desire to wear with any outfit.

Snazzy's Royal Wing Jacket is the perfect piece of statement clothing which will match any style for any occasion. The beautiful blue velvet combined with the embellished golden embroidery will add a fabulous hand-crafted touch to your outfit. Find the jacket here: Royal Wing Jacket 

So how could you style this jacket with different outfits? Here is some inspiration on ways to wear your new favourite accessory for any occasion.

1. Casual Summer

Make your summer fashion worth it by adding the Royal Wing Jacket to your outfit. Whether you are taking in the rays with a jug of Pimms at hand, or simply having a summer stroll through the park, this bold blue fashion accessory is bound to match your own personal style. This Snazzy jacket will complement the necessary neutral summer dress and sandals by adding a touch of luxuriousness to your outift.

You could also get more creative and add Snazzy's Morrocan Cannabis Bag. The beaustiful intricate design will match exceptionally well with the blue velvet colour. Get yours now: Cannabis Bag 

2. Evening Ocassions

We all need a jacket that can be both comfortable yet stylish, especially for evening wear. Well, there is no need to look elsewhere as this Royal Wing Jacket can do exactly that! This Snazzy accessory will create a flattering look alongside a beautiful crochet-style top and elegant wide leg trousers to guarantee you create an eye-catching outfit for all evening events.

Whether you are experiencing fine-dining or simply painting the town red with a bar crawl, don't forget to Snazzy up the outift with our Zahra shoes. The fabulous yellow and gold tones complement the jacket's embroidery and looks amazing to wear in the evening. Get it here now: Zahra Shoe