Oh, September. That eternally strange month where one is filled with a mixture of nostalgia for the Summer gone by and sheer determination for what's to come in the year ahead. Reflecting on it this rainy, sh*tty day in London, I have 3 key takings to share with you guys.

1. Your Mind Desperately Needs Refueling As much as you think you can keep a great work-life balance, there will come a point where your mind is rebelling against everything. Everything will seem that extra bit greyer, duller and more difficult. The tube feels even more suffocating, the people on the street seem to be multiplying every day, the work day feels longer and longer. Taking even 3-4 days off to go somewhere you haven't been before is a game-changer. Your mind will unwind, relax and you will go back to work feeling so much more energized and creative. Take a break - you need it more than you realise.

2. Summer Is A State Of Mind Have you ever had the feeling of sheer happiness whilst on holiday? You know, that feeling when you're sipping your cocktail on the beach with friends, looking out at the glorious sea, miming the words to that song you love, absolutely no worries on earth? Well, while you can't have that every day, it's definitely something you can have more of. Try and do at least one thing every day that makes you happy, even if it's taking that extra half an hour in the morning to have your coffee on your couch at home listening to your favourite tracks, or that extra drink you probably shouldn't have had that week-night. Love yourself enough and you will get that feeling more and more often, and the colours of the world will seem brighter and brighter.

3. Doing What You Love - Nothing Can Beat It As cliche as this sounds - working for something you actually enjoy and care about is the best thing you can do for yourself. As important as your personal relationships in life are - and don't get me wrong, they are immensely important (!) - the career path you choose in life is perhaps more important as it is that which everything else revolves around and depends on. The people you meet, the person you become, the way you spend your days and the feelings it brings to your everyday life... And no one prepares you for this. No one tells you HOW important it is to do something you really love in life. I've been blessed with having the choice to do what I love, and this Summer in particular I realised how very lucky I am with being able to say that. So there go my 3 takings from this Summer. I hope I've inspired you even in the slightest, least important but most important way :)

Stefani x