Using Salvaged Leather for the Aziza Belt Bags- Sustainable production

As a fair-trade brand, we are pleased to see a strong shift in awareness towards conscious consumerism, strongly due to the fantastic work #FASHIONREVOLUTION have been doing in recent years to promote a change in mindset.

It goes without saying we are also conscious of the sustainable side of the production process. One element we have focused on recently is sourcing salvaged leather for our latest Aziza Belt Bags.

What exactly is salvaged leather? Simply put, it is the use of ‘off-cuts’ of fabric that would that have been discarded by other manufacturers due to the excess amounts ordered for production - often for mass-produced clothing. The fabric is not changed into another form or shape (like RECYCLED / UPCYCLED) nor has it already been used yet (LIKE 2ND HAND), it is simply in excess, often in small quantities and cuts- making it useless to the original company who bought it- and consequentially an environmental waste issue.

We have always been dedicated to crediting the traditional skills of the Artisans behind the making of our products, as well as mindful to avoid harsh chemicals through dying processes. For this production we also wanted to promote the idea of LESS WASTE and LESS PRODUCTION, and chose to use SALVAGED leather instead of NEW LEATHER.

It goes without saying that the Fashion industry is one of the largest environmental pollutants in the world, and with this in mind we essentially wanted to use something that already exists, rather then having to make it, and ultimately contribute to more waste.

The leather used to make our Aziza Belt Bags was originally sourced from a factory that produces luxury Italian leather.

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Handcrafted with fair trade practises in Morocco