Estila Feature - Vol 7

We recently collaborated with the beautifully inspiring content creator-  Mod By Monique to produce a set of images with our Aziza Belt Bag to feature in one of our favourite London editorials ESTILA! 

In the 3 page spread Snazzy & Mod By Monique discuss the following question through a serious of Q&A’s: Can influencers and emerging brands still work together to create artistic content that benefits both?


Monique: what exactly did you like about Snazzy?

What I love most about Snazzy is the attitude to a very high design level and how they support artisans and traditional craftsmanship in developing countries such as India, Morocco and Kenya at the same time. I also appreciate the longevity and slow fashion factor. In a fast living environment with lots of fast fashion brands it is so refreshing seeing labels who really care about our planet. It is the perfect example that fair fashion can also be very trendy and fashionable!

-Mod by Monique 



Snazzy: Why did you choose Monique as collaboration partner to promote yournew belt bag with?

We loved the combination of “classy” and “trendy” that Monique exudes through her Instagram account. So many bloggers get it wrong these days - they might have the following but that doesn’t mean it’s one of quality. We nd that a lot of accounts just “try too hard”, and lack a certain theme or character. What we loved about Monique’s account is the consistency in the tones and the Parisian-chic yet accessible look-and-feel, and it’s exactly what we wanted as a representation of our Aziza belt bag.

Read the full article in Estila’s volume 7  - The multi platform bookazine that deliver stories that connect, educate and inspire. 

All images by Mod by Monique