Made in Morocco 

Working with Moroccan artisans has always been part of our agenda since the very beginning for two main reasons. 

Firstly we continue to find ourselves drawn to the beautiful aesthetics of the country. It has always been one of those destinations that awaken our senses; simply walking through a vibrant souk medina or staying in a beautiful Moroccan riad, we are taken aback by the charm of the colourful streets, architecture, textiles & spices, that make up the wanderlust of Morocco.  

Secondly we have always had an admiration for the strong connection Moroccans hold to their cultural heritage, shown through the range of traditional craftsmanship practices, in particular the tanning and embellishment of moroccan leather, not to mention the vibrant patterns of the woven textiles. 

We admire the identity of these art forms and want to keep this alive through the products we design, that are all handmade by local artisans in the regions of Morocco. Part of the snazzy ethos is not only to collaborate with artisans to produce unique products, but to make sure to always keep an aspect of traditional technique present in each product. This strong connection between tradition and innovation is something we see as key when starting the design process, whether it be the use of vintage woven textiles, traditionally embellished leather, or a combination of both.  

Wanderlust bags 

Our new range of Wanderlust bags are the result of a great collaboration between our team and the masterful artisans we have worked with. We have revamped the classic version of this bag, into an Arabian inspired curvilinear shape, with a drawstring closure. Now made in a lighter / softer sheep leather, this shoulder bag is perfect to take away as a travel accessory, fitting your every day essentials, including your laptop! It combines all the key traditional elements, in that it is traditionally dyed, hand stamped, and of course handcrafted in Morocco.

Currently coming in a range of colour ways with contrasting black / brown highlights- Denim blue, "Tabac" orange, and mustard yellow.


Our Moroccan laptop cases combine off cut peices of leather and authentic handwoven rug (either Kilim or Boujaad rug), making each piece completely one-of-a kind. When designing this product we wanted to keep the shape modern & simple to blend in perfectly with the colourful aesthetics and textures of the rug.

Moroccan rugs have a fascinating history as one of the most celebrated folk art rug styles, dating back to the seventh century A.D. These vintage pieces tell the true story of Morocco and its people - they are woven with history and are a wonderful piece of 'folk' art to be passed down for years to come. Creating a meter of rug can typically take up to 30 days to hand weave, and are made with soft wool and natural dyes.

Our laptop cases are currently available in three main colourways - Grey, Red & Black, with black leather details. Each rug pattern will different in each piece of course, making them 100% unique.

Keep an eye out on our future blog posts, where we will talk a little more in-depth about some of the traditional processes and techniques of Morocco, with a interview by the artisan workshop snazzy currently collaborates with in Fez!