Top 5 Snazzy Icons

We wanted to share with you guys our top 5 ‘Snazzy icons’! We feel these celebs emulate bohemian style and all things Snazzy! Check them out:

1. Sienna Miller

Sienna is, of course, one of the first celebrities that springs to mind when ‘boho fashion’ is mentioned. Miller keeps it old school with her choice of wardrobe wearing long, funky printed dresses often teamed with a denim or crocheted jacket and her signature item: a pair of boots. One of our favourite boho Brits by far.

2. Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens is our go-to for festival inspiration. This girl keeps it modern and feminine, similar to Sienna with loose patterned skirts, embellished belts and layered necklaces for added detail. Definitely someone we would describe as ‘boho-chic’, Vanessa keeps it casual for the day with halo braids and steps it up with floral crowns and glitter on festival fields like Coachella.

3. FKA Twigs

Fashion forward musician FKA Twigs is definitely no stranger to a pop of colour or a bold print. A bit more ‘out there’ than our other Snazzy icons, we think she is a perfect example of boho on the other end of the spectrum!

4. Gwen Stefani

Even from Gwen’s early ‘No Doubt’ days she has been an established style icon. Stefani only gets better with age and this no exception for her fashion sense. Familiar with a bold red lip, Gwen has been spotted more than once recently sporting boho attire. We can definitely see her in one of our Anjuna jackets!

5. Florence Welch

As front lady of indie rock band ‘Florence and the Machine’, Welch needs to maintain a certain style onstage and offstage. With her fiery bohemian locks, eccentric blazers and flared trousers, Florence is a fab example of the type of celebrity we’d love to see in our Snazzy attire!