1. Arizona, USA

Arizona boosts some of the most scenic views in the world, with the spectacular vast landscape of large red rock formation and cactus wildlife, who could ask for a more unique wedding backdrop? 

Sedona Arizona is not only renowned for its natural beauty, but also for it’s spiritual healing & practises. The properties in red rock formations are said to contain powerful vortexes, that in particular play an important role in uniting love and happiness. 

What is a vortex? They are thought to be swirling centres of energy that are conducive to healing, meditation and self-exploration. 

3. Milos, Greece

Unlike some of the typical Greek Island wedding destinations, Milos has been kept a bit of a secret from the tourism sector. It is named by the locals as one of the most incredibly beautiful Greek islands to visit!  

Get lost in the numerous unique beaches and coastal formations, all impressive and unique. Because of the volcanic landscape it offers, the beaches of Milos differ in geological formations. Sarakiniko beach  in particular boasts striking white volcanic rocks, that beautifully contrast with the deep blue hues of the Aegean sea - a combination of pure delight!   

The statue of Aphrodite (goddess of Love) was also found by Archaeologists on the Island of Milos, which now resides in the Louvre museum.

2. Iceland

If you want to escape the typical setting, why not venture to Iceland where you can get married by a dramatic waterfall, natural glaciers & hot springs, an ice cave or even a mystical volcanic beach. 

With all of the beautiful landscapes and breathtaking scenery, Iceland is the perfect location to totally escape to a dream like fairytale landscape like nothing you have ever seen before. 

If you want a good chance of experiencing one of natures most memorising sky phenomenas, plan your date between the months of October and February, where the chance of seeing the iconic northern lights are highest. 

The aurora borealis – otherwise known as the northern lights – is a vivid light demonstration of the Earth's magnetic field interacting with charged particles from the sun.