Things that make us happy in life. Yarn Bombing being one of them.

A global movement to decorate everyday objects with colourful knit and crochet works. For those of you who haven't heard of this, I am positive that you have at some point come across an image like this or even saw a (usual boring) object on the street dressed in no other than a fabulous piece of coloured crochet- and it probably made you grin.

A not so unusual hobby - knitting -  practiced by Magda Sayeg, slowly turned into a new artistic craze after she posted an image of her crocheted door handle-  and BOOM the need to decorate everyday objects (most famously the school bus) with coloured wool became a massive trend. Check out some more images here.

We have always been aware of the recent revived trend for crocheted accessories, but have not put as much thought into the power of the message being made through this piece of art. Until now we have focused on the importance of the handmade element to woven pieces, as for snazzy they represent a form of creativity / tradition / and livelihood for our Artisans.

After watching a Ted talk lead by the innovator herself, Magda Sayeg - we learnt that Yarn Bombing is not only fun to look at, but more so a form of artistic expression - that is subconsciously tapping into our need to relate to things that bring us the feeling of comfort and joy. Not to mention the ironic placement of these art pieces, often dressed on unimpressive day to day structures and objects. 

We think that Yarn bombing ultimately ticks two important boxes: 

1. The welcomed form of our need to decorate / make things look more attractive.

2. The need to make our lives more enjoyable through simplistic humour. 

Magda had accidentally tapped into everyone’s inner desire to appreciate comfort, colour, happiness, and the appreciation for ironic / out of the ordinary visuals.

Perhaps this movement came at the right time where people now feel like they need to escape from the everyday mundane -  a happy escape none the less - even if it is just for a moment to stop and smile. 


Watch full Ted Talk here, its cheerful, lighthearted and frankly inspirational.