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Snazzy Blogs

Made in Morocco

Working with Moroccan artisans has always been part of our agenda since the very beginning for two main reasons. 

International Women's day 2018

Today (and everyday) we honour women from all walks of life; the skilled women that handcraft our empowering statement pieces

The Truth About Starting A Business - Reflections

A lot of people ask me - how did you decide to start your own business? A lot of people, those who know better, instead ask me "why (on earth!) did you decide to start your own business?"

Westbourne Grove POP-UP

Find us in Notting Hill from Monday 26th February!

228 Westbourne Groove W11 2RH 

Top 3 Wanderlust Wedding Destinations

Loving yourself is the greatest revolution! We stand by that quote no matter what....but in light of finding ourselves in the romantic month of Feburary, we thought we would share some of our most wanderlust wedding destinations....why not dream a little? 

Check them out here....

Made in Kenya

We're so proud to introduce our capsule collection of jewellery handcrafted by artisan entrepreneurs in Nairobi

Have a closer look at our behind-the-scenes Made in Kenya collection.

Top 5 Snazzy Icons

We wanted to share with you guys our top 5 ‘Snazzy icons’! We feel these celebs emulate bohemian style and all things Snazzy! Check them out:

1. Sienna Miller, 2. Vanessa Hudgens, 3. FKA Twigs, 4. Gwen Stefani, 5. Florence Welch

3 Takings From Summer'17

Oh, September. That eternally strange month where one is filled with a mixture of nostalgia for the Summer gone by and sheer determination for what's to come in the year ahead. Reflecting on it this rainy, sh*tty day in London, I have 3 key takings to share with you guys.

1 Jacket, Different Styles

Whether you are living up the night to the fullest with an evening occasion, or simply having a casual day out, a jacket is the go-to piece every fashionista will desire to wear with any outfit.
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